a showcase of innovating media art & electronic music

Saturday 6 September

Early_night (22.00h.):
Akira, 8GB / AV performance [AR]
sin sin / AV performance [IR]
Liquid lab / live vj performance [NL]

Loops / LIVE / [NL]
Jarno / DJ set [NL]
Jason Shae / DJ set [NL]
Steijn / DJ set [NL]

Time:. 22.00h. - 05.00h.
Price: 10 Euro
Location: Sugar Factory Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam

1.Akira, 8GB / AV performance [AR]

8GB is an audiovisual set with a natural flow of Akira's activities both visual and musical, and his fixation with old computer hardware utilized in modern working environments. With the help of Bubblo on the visuals, 8GB aims towards creating currently listenable beats with old computer data, making an urban blend that can be enjoyed by most any audience interested in fresh new sounds while still retaining appeal for the bleep-obsessed nut.
2. sin sin / AV performance [IR]

SIN SIN is an international pan-media group of artists, working under the auspices of their beloved leader, The Fat Controller. Their stage show 'Hospital For Skeletons' premiered in 2007 at TF-2, The Fringe Theaterfestival and their short films have shown at many festivals around the world. At Versch, sin sin will present a new 45 minute pan media performance of electronic music, live vocals, live performance, animation and visuals.
3. Liquid lab / live vj performance [NL]

After years of experiments prof. Kamp an prof. Van Dalen reinvented the lost art of the Liquidification Process. This technique creates a hole in the nuclear electronic barrier, so that relativistic electrons will force the atom in the liquid state at room temperature. By bombarding the sample with photons, a clear imaged can be made which unraffles the chemical structure of the sample. While awaiting their hard earned Nobel Prize, the scientific duo shows their art to the general public.
4. Loops / LIVE / [NL]

Driven by the 'momentum' of their youth LOOPS is one of those acts were you can almost taste the talent in the air when they play their live act. With a idealistic point of view on modern-day music, but with a solid musical background, these two youngsters keep impressing every promoter and spectator. They fight themselves to the top; taking event by event, crowd by crowd.

5. Jason Shae / DJ set [NL]

Although heavily committed to the live-act Jason&theArgonauts, Jason Shae is still discovering new ways to expressing himself through playing his vinyls. Jason Shae's DJ sets can be described as French Funk, Chicago House with a hint of Berlin stripped down house. Due to the use of Serato he can easily combine material from the boys of Jason & the Argonauts with records from other artists.
7. DJ Steijn [NL]

Resident VERSCH DJ Steijn doesn't have one style, he plays electronic music in its broadest form. From minimal to maximal he puts it all in one set. As long as it is warm, melodic and soulful.
VERSCH is produced by Beyond Expression and supported by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds and ThuisKopie Fonds. Sponsors: d-hosting, iCi concepts & design, HEBBIZZ ICT, Bright Magazine, BeamSystems and Artfreaks.
Media art program i.c.w. BeamSystems
6. Jarno / DJ set [NL]

Jarno started dj-ing in clubs like RoXy, It and Nighttown in the late ninetees, inspired by the mix tapes of Grandmaster Flash and Dutch radio-show "for those who like to groove". Dj'ing at clubs increased his popularity. In the fall of 2004 Jarno combined forces with good friend Dennis. They established themselves under the nickname " Groove Addicts ". This combination worked out very well, playing sets vary from deep/tech-house, minimal, techno, electro and breaks.