a showcase of innovating media art & electronic music

Saturday 5 January 2008
Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Time: 22.00 - 05.00 hrs
Price: € 10

Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam

1. Lightbox Sequencer / Jonas Vorwerk (NL)

Lightbox Sequencer is made of six interactive life size sequencer tracks. The audience is invited to play freely with the sequencer tracks in order to create and unique visual experience. Sounds and rhythms blend together in a new way not seen before.
2. Aviorama / MFO vs DJ Repeatbeat (GER)
video show

Aviorama is a live video show made for three screens. It features very special material filmed at the local airport and flight control tower, being reworked to an immersive and dense impression woven to visual poetry, to visual music. DJ Repeatbeat will select a special range of experimental and different types of electronic music to take you, in cooperation with MFO, on an enchanting journey for eyes and ears.

Driven by sound MFO builds visual impressions. His starting material is the real world: architecture, systematically guided human traffic, the pulse of public life - broken down to its elementary building blocks and animated by the use of self-developed software.
4. Live: Applescal (NL)

Applescal is a 19 year old bedroom-producer who is preparing his first official live-gig ever for VERSCH. His innovating and playful productions will be played for one hour long in a unique live-set. With support from artists like Paul Hazendonk, Nuno dos Santos, Jeff Bernett and Laurent Garnier, he's tipped as one of the most upcoming talents in the modern techno-scene.

5. DJ Commu (NL)

DJ Commu's sound is best described as warm, sweet, heavy and raw. This guy has got a pure and sincere love for music, and you should hear his nifty mixing skills and balanced choice of tunes. Besides Michael Commu is the co-owner of Manual Bookings together with Huib Jonker and Paul Hazendonk.
6. Flip & Tou (DJ-set)

Sjoerd de Ridder and Eric Bentz aka Flip & Tou started producing and dj-ing together about 3 years ago. Trying out various styles of electronic music got them to the sound they own today. A mixture of techno, minimal and deep house sounds.
8. DJ Steijn (NL)

Resident VERSCH DJ Steijn doesnt have one style, he plays electronic music in its broadest form. From minimal to maximal he puts it all in one set. As long as it is warm, melodic and soulful.
VERSCH is produced by Beyond Expression and supported by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds and ThuisKopie Fonds. Sponsors: d-hosting, iCi concepts & design, HEBBIZZ ICT, Bright Magazine, BeamSystems and Artfreaks.
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