a showcase of innovating media art & electronic music

Saturday 3 November
Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Time: 22.00 - 05.00 hrs
Price: 12,50 Euro

Part of the museumn8:
between 22.00 - 00.00h free entrance with museumn8 passe par tout,
after 00.00h 8.50 euro with passe par tout

Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam

1. VDJ Oof (FRA)
audio-visual performance

In 2006, The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) asked VDJ Oof to carry out an audio-visual show at the Pompidou Center using the film works of the most famous Canadian film-maker: the genius Norman McLaren (1914-1987). A dozen videos have been produced. The music has been faithfully modernized, with an electronic music twist.
2. Skinstrument / Daan Brinkmann (NL)

Skinstrument is a music instrument which can be played by two or more players. By means of a tiny imperceptible current they become part of a circuit. When the players touch each other on the skin this circuit starts to generate sound. The intensity of the touch determines the frequency of the sound.
3. Time gradient / Dror Stravisky (UK)

Time gradient is a real time interactive video work that connects the present with past in real time.Viewers can can look at their image projected on a video screen in a gradient sequence of time (10-15 sec), at the bottom of the screen the viewers can see themselves projected at real time and gradually towards the top of the screen their image will appear smeared into the past.
4. VJ Zanne (NL)
VJ performance

Zanne creates visuals that translate her emotions with a strong, pure own character. Her drive for veejaying is the continuous invention of new stories and relations between the different animations.

5. Live: Minz

Deep and danceable, that's the style of Minz and that's what he will stick to in his first live performance ever, especially for VERSCH. Minz avoids the obvious and takes you on a trip full of detail, with tracks ranging from atmospheric to melodic and from dark to driving. Be ready to hear some straight up dance music.
6. Live: Makam

Makam produces energetic tracks. With different kinds of electronic music like downtempo, minimallistic and funky house beats Makam creates his own unique style. As rhythmic, warm and funky as possible without adding too much sounds.
7. DJ Robbie Pardoel (NL)

His steady mixing skills and his quality to blend all different styles such as fuzzy electronics, techhouse and electro, into one set makes him one of the best dj's of Rotterdam. Robbie also produces his own tracks, which he will fit into his set.
8. DJ Steijn / NL

Resident VERSCH DJ Steijn doesnt have one style, he plays electronic music in its broadest form. From minimal to maximal he puts it all in one set. As long as it is warm, melodic and soulful.
Media art program i.c.w. BeamSystems

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