a showcase of innovating media art & electronic music

Saturday 1 September
Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Time: 23.00 - 05.00 hrs
Price: 12,50 Euro

Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam
1. Audio Peacock (GER)
outdoor performance / Die Audio Gruppe

The VERSCH festival season starts with a spectacular outdoor performance from Die Audio Gruppe around the Sugar Factory during the early night. The AUDIO PEACOCKS are site-specific electro-acoustic clothes and dresses equipped with amplifiers and loudspeakers that create sounds by interacting with their environment and the audience.
2. ReturnOfTheSpaceInvaders (GER)
audio-visual performance

ReturnOfTheSpaceInvaders is all about remixing pop-culture. Taking the full depth of all audio-visual media ever made since the arcade game space-invaders hit the market. ReturnOfTheSpaceInvaders is not bleep, micro or techno, its called post-retro. New technologies and self build software are ingredients to the blend of different audio-visual mash-up styles and sounds.
3. Transpose / Kasper Kamperman (NL)
light installation

Several light pillars visualize the music by translating incoming music signals to light. The musical elements are floating up inside the pillars, so you can read the rhythm of the music. It enhances and intensifies the experience twice, by ear and by eye.
4. VJ Dmos (DEN) / VJ-performancee

DMOS.TV conducts fast visual patterns but also delirious flowing motion. On the screen you see the human condition on the edge to the irrational, physical space and light, contrast and color.

5. Live: Rauwkost (NL)

Rauwkost has a fresh sound with a deep groove which is inspired on minimal techno, but then with a pure own twist that can strongly vary.
6. Live: Olene Kadar (NL)

Olene Kadar is influenced by artists like Canbanne and Audio Werner. Olene produces a wide range of techno music, which has a fine balance between genius and a little mad! In August the new ep of Olene is released at the CUPARI label, a wild and moody record.
7. DJ Taras / NL

DJ Taras in one word: Deepgroovyprogressivetechhousefunk. Not too hard, not too mellow, but quality music with a firm uplifting energetic drive. In 2006 Taras was nominated as best upcoming dutch dj talent in The Netherlands for the Gouden Kabouter Awards at the Paradiso.
8. DJ Steijn / NL

Resident VERSCH DJ Steijn doesnt have one style, he plays electronic music in its broadest form. From minimal to maximal he puts it all in one set. As long as it is warm, melodic and soulful.
Media art program i.c.w. BeamSystems

VERSCH is produced by Beyond Expression and supported by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds and ThuisKopie Fonds. Sponsors: d-hosting, iCi concepts & design, HEBBIZZ ICT, Bright Magazine, BeamSystems and Artfreaks.