a showcase of innovating media art & electronic music

Saturday 14 April
Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Time: 22.30h. - 05.00h.
Price: 10 Euro

Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam
1. Space Time Distortion 3.M / Matthias Oosterik (NL)
Video Installation

Through human movements multiple layers of live video, time and space blend together to form strange compositions in this video installation. An alienating mirror of time and space initiated by your movement.
2. VJ Lottez

VJ LotteZ (aka JettyKiz) is known for her synergetic and energetic visuals. LotteZ, always searching for audiovisual synergy, has teamed up with several dj's, dancers, poets and even with an operasinger for a reinterpretation of Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder which can also be seen at this edition of VERSCH.
3. Live / Phonetique_X

Phonetique_X is playing live music for a couple of years now. Their equipment enables them to bring an energetic blend of electro, minimal and techhouse live on stage without using a laptop. With their hardware of choice, they've got what it needs to create an infectious liveset atmospheric, yet very danceable.
4. Live / le Chien Perdu

Le Chien Perdu featuring Pete Bandit and Newton Da Costa is considered to be the new hope on the Dutch minimal-dancing circuit. They supply lush bass lines, sublime melodies and rolling rhythms. Throughout you can find the experimental energy of the continental space-disco of the Eighties which the pair still adore: melodic, synth-heavy and moroder-esque, with arpeggio basslines set to proto-house 4/4 grooves.
5. DJ Cupatec

Tricky, stalking, complex and not afraid for experiments, that's the DJ Cupatec sound. Combining a tight weave of deep dry clicking techno in a bass heavy setting along with freaky and chunky minimal which he tops of with electrostatic mikrohouse. Watch, listen and experience this emotional roller-coaster ride as he continues to craft the sound of music culture in the 21st century.
6. DJ Steijn

Steijn doesn't have one style, he plays electronic music in its broadest form. From minimal to maximal he puts it all in one set. As long as it is warm, melodic and soulful.
Media art program i.c.w. BeamSystems

VERSCH is produced by Beyond Expression and supported by: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds and ThuisKopie Fonds. Sponsors: d-hosting, iCi concepts & design, HEBBIZZ ICT, Bright magazine, BeamSystems and Artfreaks.