7. Live: Shameboy

is an unique blend of innovating and highly catching beats with fat & phunky grooves combined with 80's synths and analog bass lines. Shameboy is the new project of former Buscemi drummer Luuk Cox and Jimmy Dewit (aka DJ Bobby Ewing). Meet Luuk, clockwork drummer. Thundering metronome in Buscemi's live band. Natural habitat: recording studio. Meet: Jimmy Dewit. Born naked but for a pair of headphones. Radioactive at Studio Brussel. Laptop & drum machine engineer. Discover Shameboy.


a showcase of innovating media art & electronic music

Saturday 14 October 2006
Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Time: 22.00h. - 05.00h.
Price: 10 Euro

Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam
1. Boorkop-breaks, Drillcam-drones
audio-visual performance:

is an audiovisual performance based on site-specific live images filmed wiht a wireless videocamera on a drillingmachine. The cameraman is using all visible light sources to film with a rotating drillcam, creating a video vortex and projecting it live. Via light sensors, these images are being translated into audio which the sound engineers manipulate according to the dynamics of the performance.
2. Het VleesGewordenVideoWoord
audio-visual performance

VGVW are 4 young multimedia artists presenting their A/V scaping series, improvisations with image and sound, a movement which is now often called live cinema. Played in an installation with large screens and beamers. The performance creates an intense vibe by deep electronic sounds and subtle visuals.
interactive audio-visual performance

presents their striking performance VIDEOBOXING: two boxers on stage and two people quarreling in the image. Each blow of the boxers intensifies the irritation and tension between the couple on the screens. It slowly becomes clear that every blow affects both the image and sound and ends in an inevitable physical and emotional knock out.
4. Arnout Hulskamp

Arnout is a computer and video artist. Besides his VJ work he creates installations and digital prints. The Open Wound Vj-performance gives form to a mix of self-shot loops and clips from the mass media, visually and technically connected to the rhythm of music. A continuous flow of realistic video material, totally abstracted in the end, creates a world of pure form, color, movement and own vocabulary.

5. Arnout Hulskamp

Open Wound Stream 2.0 is a video installation from which the characteristics can be altered by the user. The work consists of an animation of thin colored lines, moving a long a pixel grid, shown on three linked projection screens. The user can scratch the video and change the timeline position with three knobs. The Open Wound software lets the user and the video act as co-creators of the image. The result is a poetic work that in all its apparent simplicity and peace, is able to surprise again and again.

6. Live: Qbical

Warm Fuzzy electronic music is how Raymond describes his sound. Warm for the strange feeling in your underbelly, Fuzzy for the weird and sometimes bizarre sounds and techno to put all these ingredients into one style. Just 22 years old, this HKU student is a newcomer in the whole world of electronic music, at least that's how it seems. Under the name of Qbical, Raymond has produced many tracks for about 8 years now. Live Raymond takes the fuzzy part a notch higher, so more bizarre sounds, as a result his live sets are always different, otherwise it's no fun to do, according to Raymond. www.qbical.net www.myspace.com/qbicalmusic
Media art program i.c.w. BeamSystems

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