VERSCH presents an overview of fresh media art, electronic music and cross-over from young talented artists. A showcase of accessible and daring installations, performances, live cinema, VJ, music and cross-over. The synergy between image and sound, new approaches in the form and the position of the performers/ the audience towards the work are central.
VERSCH Friday 21 November

Come celebrate this very special last edition of VERSCH. We'll bring you our final program with daring media art and fresh electronic music. A last chance to visit this groundbreaking event at the Sugar Factory!

Early_night (22.00h.):

Larockh / Robodrummer [CAN]
Taxinouveau / LIVE [CAN]
Arnout Hulskamp / VJ [NL]

Shirazi / LIVE / [NL]
Mark August , Nuno dos Santos, Jarno, Dennis, Minz / B2B DJ set [NL]

Time:. 22.00h. - 05.00h.
Price: 10 Euro
Location: Sugar Factory Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam
16.10.2008 Taxinouveau
The electro-grime-8bit driver promises you a non-stop thrill ride. His musical performance combines songs from his album with new pieces. The man behind is Manuel Chantre, a freelance composer/sound designer/artist performer and DJ. He is also a part of the mysterious collective Pop Core. 21November at VERSCH.

23.06.2008 8GB by Akira
8GB is an audiovisual set with a natural flow of Akira's activities both visual and musical, and his fixation with old computer hardware utilized in modern working environments. With the help of Bubblo on the visuals, 8GB aims towards creating currently listenable beats with old computer data, making an urban blend that can be enjoyed by most any audience interested in fresh new sounds while still retaining appeal for the bleep-obsessed nut.

31.03.2008 / CROIX projection sculptures
CROIX is an audio-visual experimental project in which audio-video production is concentrated on real time experience, loosing traditional projection concept on 4/3 screen and using unconventional technique and material like semi-transparent nets and fine-projections on objects, buildings and architectural structures. 3 May at VERSCH.

20.01.2008 / Multi media performance In der Bar um die Ecke
Powerplant creates 'instant movies' from scenes played out in miniature. The 'live movie' that arises is projected directly on large screens so every detail of the 'acetylene torch' burnt models can be seen. The multi media performance "In der bar um die Ecke" (In the bar around the corner) portrays a highly mutated landscape in the year 2087 following World War VII. Only a handful of people survived the seventh world war which while only lasting 2.34 seconds chemically transformed the planet on such an immense scale it is impossible not to be impressed. This was not a war that simply destroyed the earth this was a war that smoothed and transformed the shapes of everything on it.

20.01.2008 /
stanbul based VJ collective will present real-time 3D visuals generated with their custom built OpenGL software, THRILL. They will use 4 VideoMirrorUnits (VMS), projectors on which moving heads allow video to be projected in different positions throughout the venue. 1 March at VERSCH.

08.11.2007 / Lightbox sequencer
Lightbox Sequencer is made of six interactive life size sequencer tracks.The audience is invited to play freely with the sequencer tracks in order to create and unique visual experience.Sounds and rhythms blend together in a new way not seen before. 5 January at VERSCH

01.11.2007 / Aviorama by MFO
"Aviorama" is a live video show made for three screens. It features very special material filmed at the local airport and flight control tower, being reworked to an immersive and dense impression - woven to visual poetry,to visual music. 5 January at VERSCH

01.11.2007 / Norman McLaren AV show by VDJ Oof
The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) asked VDJ Oof to carry out an audio-visual show at the Pompidou Center using the film works of the most famous Canadian film-maker: the genius Norman McLaren (1914-1987). A dozen videos have been produced. The music has been faithfully modernized, with an electronic music twist. 3 November at VERSCH, part of the museumnight.